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We believe in living off the land in the most natural way. Our ecotourism adventures include opportunities to travel along the Innoko River to camp, to bird watch, to fish for world class northern pike, and see amazing wildlife such as woodland bison and moose. 


Needing to access remote sites along the Innoko River for wildlife viewing, conducting scientific studies, or tracking woodland bison? 

We have boat or snow machine access to these sites and understand the terrain and land conditions. 

Who We Are:

Chevie and Sonta Roach, residents of Shageluk, have three kiddos - Sydney, Ryder, and Emry. We love living off the land, living a subsistence way of life, and being on the land doing what we love! We are constantly learning new things and enjoying every moment of it. This business is a part of that -- doing what we love! 

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*** We are currently booked for the 2018 summer season for ecotourism adventures.

Innoko Ecotourism & Logistics

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